Global Fixed Income Strategy


Dr. Puffer was Chief Strategist, Global Fixed Income at BCA Research. She provided independent macroeconomic analysis and fixed income investment strategy to top institutional clients worldwide. Paid subscribers to her weekly reports included the world’s top pension funds, money managers, trading desks and hedge funds. She recommended successful value-added portfolio strategies and specific trades, guiding investors through the European crisis, Japan’s monetary policy regime shift and extraordinary central bank intervention. Her team published a weekly bulletin and in-depth special reports with clear investment recommendations and trade ideas in major sovereign and credit markets. Special Reports included in-depth analysis of European vs. U.S. corporate credit markets, emerging market debt in the context of investment grade  bond portfolios, and individual country/regional reports. Dr. Puffer travelled globally to meet with clients.

Since 1949, BCA Research has been one of the world’s top independent providers of global investment research and leading-edge market analysis.

Bondholder Litigation Support

Twist Financial provides expert witness reports, testimony and litigation support in various areas of the capital markets.  Previous cases have included the BCE vs. Bondholders case that went to the Supreme Court of Canada, high yield emerging markets debt, and determining the current value of damages due to Telus bondholders in a case of early redemption.

Evaluation of the Canada Mortgage Bond Program

Dr. Puffer was part of a large team of consultants evaluating the Canada Mortgage Bond program which finances the majority of mortgage lending in the Canadian market.  The focus of the study was on Canada’s residential mortgage market from 2001-2006, with an update following market developments since August, 2007. Twist Financial component reports included a report on Capital Markets, a report on Canadian Mortgage Markets (with KPMG), and a Literature Review, with Prof. Paul Halpern and Prof. Alexandra Mackay, from the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto. Other consultants on the project included ALM Model Metrics, KPMG, Dr. Michael Lea of Cardiff Economic Consulting. The final summary report is here.

Canada Mortgage Bonds Program Evaluation

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KPMG LLP – CMHC Report, August 2008. This report analysed the effectiveness of Canada Mortgage Bonds (CMB) as financing vehicles for Canadian residential mortgages and assessed the impact of the funding program on the cost of mortgages for Canadians.

Twist Financial interviewed markets participants associated with the CMB program, wrote extensive studies on the structure of Canadian mortgage and funding markets and on the academic literature that contributed to this report.  Dr. Puffer wrote the Addendum on Current Market Conditions (Annex C of the Report) that updated the report’s findings to reflect the events and market reaction associated with the financial crisis.

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