PIMCO Canada


Twist Financial provides sophisticated investment strategy, analytics, education, and expert witness and litigation support. We see through layers of information to find value where others have lacked the tenacity and capacity to go.

CLIENTS include institutional investment managers, management and boards at corporations and pension plans, government agencies, insurance companies, dealers and other capital market participants.

COMMUNICATING complex information in plain language and forming long-term client relationships are our hallmarks.

SPECIALTY AREAS include asset allocation and portfolio structure, liability driven investment strategies, risk management, governance, macroeconomic analysis and all areas of fixed income and securitization.

Marlene Puffer, President of Twist Financial Dr. Marlene Puffer, President is a well known macroeconomist and investment strategist. She has more than 20 years of experience including roles on boards, in portfolio management, client service and marketing, debt structuring, analytics, quantitative modeling, and academia. Her depth and breadth of investment experience are distinct in the industry. Dr. Puffer's diverse experience includes roles as Chief Strategist, Global Fixed Income at BCA Research, business development and portfolio management at PIMCO Canada and Legg Mason Canada, fixed income analytics and debt capital markets roles on the trading floors of major investment dealers. She began her career as a professor of Finance at the University of Toronto's Rotman School of Management.  Her extensive network results in outstanding teams to provide clients with in-depth expertise to meet complex needs.  

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As Senior VP and Account Manager, Dr. Puffer initiated business development and marketing for PIMCO’s entry into the Canadian market. She Advised large potential clients regarding fixed income strategies, and participated in well-known quarterly investment strategy forums at head office and underwent in-depth training.

PIMCO is the largest fixed income portfolio manager globally with about $2 trillion under management.