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Twist Financial provided sophisticated investment strategy, analytics, education, and expert witness and litigation support.

CLIENTS include institutional investment managers, management and boards at corporations and pension plans, government agencies, insurance companies, dealers and other capital market participants.

COMMUNICATING complex information in plain language and forming long-term client relationships are our hallmarks.

SPECIALTY AREAS include asset allocation and portfolio structure, liability driven investment strategies, risk management, governance, macroeconomic analysis and all areas of fixed income and securitization.

Dr. Marlene Puffer was founder and President of Twist Financial. She is now a Partner at Alignvest Investment Management (AIM). AIM manages sophisticated globally diversified investment portfolios based on best practices developed at leading global institutional investors and provides practical, road-tested advice to CIOs. Marlene also serves as Board Trustee and Chair of the Asset-Liability Management Committee at the Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP).

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